Sunday, December 23, 2007

Organization Ideas, Anyone?

Seems America is on the de-clutter bandwagon. Everyone is trying to clean and organize. Who wants a cluttered work space or a messy house? Not me. Not George Carlin.

So I've been watching Clean House. I read how Jeff Parker took care of his CD clutter. I saw how Big John Beatty took a cue from Hydro74 to clean and organize his office. And now I've got the bug and I've got it bad. Ain't no easy cure. I know I'm going to have to get down and dirty... and purge, re-think and re-organize.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to follow Parker's lead and get rid of the CD jewel cases and go with binders. I'm even considering doing something like this for storage of my dvd collection. But then I thought, I'll bet some of the ZONErs have unique dvd storage ideas. If you do, please send them my way. [And don't worry about cluttering up my in-box.]


John Beatty said...

Sir...forget your CD's and DVD's for now. You need the "major" overhaul.

Paint, Carpet or flooring, better storage ideas. Don't start with only something 'small' as once you finish that you will become the entire room from start to finish.

You have to do just what I'm doing now...get the room "empty" and rethink the layout, along with better ideas for using the space you have. Pack it up, put it in the garage, but as you go...keep an idea of what you're going for...

...I find I work much better when organized and, got out of hand for me and it's a fine time to 'get dirty' and spend a week working my butt off to finish the BIG stuff first.

The "ikea" store has MANY kool and not so expensive ways to organize and update your room.

So, strip it down, pick some color, find something new that will work better than what you have now and dive it.

CD/DVD storage isn't a huge problem...I can see plenty of things in your room that needs improvement.

After picking a color to paint your walls...which I will glady do and help with the colors...

...your big problem is the position of your 'stuff' in your area. I can help.

1st major change I would make would be to have you and your computer workstation facing towards your front dooor! This is the "power position" and right now you have your back to it...

I'll soon be posting a quick "not to scale layout of how I'm working up my "studio" and you will see, while still small, it will be adequate and the flow with be a diagonial from the door.

You need help? I got ideas if you're willing to shell out about $500.00 you can rid yourself of a lot of mess.

Be ready to throw out things tho...I don't find it hard...but those BLUE plastic containers have to go! Hell...I even have my 2 black bookcases I'll gift you, if I think they will work in your room.

You up for it, or not? I know you Wife would love to have your area be less of an eyesore...I mean it's the first turn into your house.

Let's make it BAD do YOU have it???

Craig Zablo said...

I agree with you, Sir! The big change will take place during summer 08 with little changes along the way. When it's time to paint, I'd definitely take color suggestions and an additional brush. Your old book cases would be helpful [the blue containers have to go!].

I saw your plans for your office. It'll be sweet.