Saturday, August 24, 2002

Hostage as Cool as Elvis

I was lucky enough to discover Robert Crais with his second novel, Stalking the Angel [ his first was The Monkey's Raincoat which introduced detectives Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.] The series was modern, well written and reminded me of an updated version of Robert B. Parker's Spenser and Hawk [well actually, an updated Spenser and Sylvester Stallone's Cobra].

Crais is one of the few authors whose work I buy in hardcover as soon as it's published. With my time being what it is, I just got around to reading Hostage, Crais' latest [which is now out in paperback]. Although not an Elvis Cole novel, it is without a doubt my favorite work by Crais [who as I've said is always very good].

The cool thing about this novel is that the suspense starts on page one and continues to build and build and build. The book has received outstanding reviews from critics and fans alike. Bruce Willis has optioned the book for a movie [which would be an excellent vehicle for him]!

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order the paperback... and watch for Elvis and Joe Pike to return soon in Crais' The Last Detective!

Sunday, August 11, 2002

Diesel's Streak

Vin Diesel has a great streak going... Pitch Black... The Fast and the Furious...

...and now XXX.

All of these films are/will be in my dvd library.

With talks of sequels for both Pitch Black and XXX, Vin could actually join Sean Connery, Sly Stallone, and Harrison Ford who all have had TWO movie franchises going at the same time!

XXX works. Diesel is more than believable as the extreme sports junkie recruited to become a government agent. The set-up and "training" sequences are really fun and include some of the best scenes in the movie. [And ya gotta love how they show a James Bond type trying to survive in this "new world.] Samuel L. Jackson is always a plus and I hope that we get to see more of him [in action] in the sequel.

Vin Diesel's next film could be the sequel to Pitch Black followed by the sequel to XXX. Both of these are fan favorites so it looks like the streak will continue to grow...

... and so will my movie collection!

Sunday, August 04, 2002

The Signs are There

The signs were all there.

M. Night Shyamalan
had already written and directed the oh-so-cool "Sixth Sense" and the well done "Unbreakable." Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix were set to co-star. M. Night was back as writer and director. The trailers were full of suspense, and left you wanting more. Yeah, the signs were all in place for a winner.

But you never know.

I saw "Signs" yesterday and it's been on my mind constantly since. The story does involve aliens.. but probably not in the way that you're expecting. It's as much about family, redemption, and faith as it is aliens... and it is scary... very scary at times! But it will also make you laugh, move you to the verge of tears, and more than likely leave you feeling very happy for seeing it.

This is my favorite movie of the year thus far. It rates a solid "A." I think you'll enjoy it to because...

... the signs are all there!