Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Man Law for Clean House?

This post will probably surprise many ZONErs who swing by here to read the latest manly post about movies [action, crime, horror], novels [tough guy authors like Huston, Vachss, Morrell], comic books [Sin City, Walking Dead, 100 Bullets] or sports [da Bears, UFC]. You see, I've been hooked on a tv show that I just discovered. It's called Clean House.

Yeah, Clean House. It's not about a bar-room brawler, or a mafia hitman. No... it's about a team of "experts" that go into a house that's cluttered beyond belief and whip it back into shape. They weed out stuff to sell, give away and even a few things to keep. They hold a yard sale and then take the money raised [plus a thousand bucks kicked in by the show] and redo several rooms in the house [while the home owners are sent away for the night]. The show concludes with the big reveal: we and the homeowners get to see what the Clean House experts have done. Usually the new digs are really cool.

I've been DVRing the episodes and watching a couple a night. I can get through them pretty quickly and they are giving me some ideas about things to do around the Zablo estate. So, can we get a Man Law passed that Clean House is okay to watch?


Chad said...

Dude, my wife and I watch this show without fail whenever it comes on. It could still use a fight or two in my opinion.

Craig Zablo said...

Yeah, a good tussle between the yard sale and the reveal!