Sunday, April 08, 2007

Grindhouse Fails to Score

Weekend box office returns for "Grindhouse," are in and they aren't good. The Tarantino / Rodriguez double feature brought in only $11.6 million which puts it in fourth place for the weekend, and far below the mid-$20 million predicted.

In hindsight, we can all speculate on why the movie hasn't, at least this far, lived up to it's hype. When I told people that I planned to see "Grindhouse" this weekend, most hadn't heard of it. A few vaguely remembered seeing some ads for it, but then asked, "So what's it about?" That's never good. Others wondered why they should go and see movies with "scratches, splices and scenes missing." In other words they just didn't get it. My son, Mike, before seeing the movie with me said, "I think 'Grindhouse' is going to be like 'Black Snake Moan' -- everyone talked about it, but no one went to see it."

Seems like Mike may have been on to something.

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