Sunday, April 08, 2007

Serra Stuns the World

There's an old cliche: That on any given night one athlete / team can beat another.

Last night Matt "The Terror" Serra stunned the world by knocking out George St. Pierre in the first round. Nobody [except Serra himself] thought that St. Pierre would loose. As we were getting ready to watch the fights, I told my son, "The only shot Serra has is if he rocks GSP and then jumps on him. Serra can punch and punchers always have a chance." Even knowing that, I didn't think that Serra would win so quickly and decisively. Congrats to Serra. My guess is that he will next fight Matt Hughes. Serra would be a huge underdog... just like in his fight against GSP. I doubt that will matter to Serra.

The fight I really wanted to see was Josh Koscheck vs. Diego Sanchez. I figured that this would be the action-packed fight of the night. Sanchez was undefeated [19-0] and had beaten Koscheck before. There was a lot of bad blood between the two and both repeatedly promised in interviews that they would knock the other out. The reality is that the fight was less exciting than the pre-fight interviews. I do have to congratulate Koscheck. I thought that the fight would go to Sanchez since his stand-up was better. Well, you couldn't tell that from what happened in the cage last night. Koscheck was quicker, landed more punches, and made Sanchez pay each time that he tried to score. Koscheck did enough to win and ended Sanchez's undefeated streak. My guess is that these two will fight again. If so, I just hope that they live up to their hype.

The most exciting fight of the night was Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia. Huerta won a unanimous decision, but the fight was far from one-sided. These guys threw punches in bunches, went to the ground, reveresed each other repeatedly and at times each looked on the verge of being knocked out or knocking out his opponent.

Overall it was a good card. I'd say that the fans got their money's worth... but one cliche per post is probably enough.

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