Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ST Covered by EW

I'll bet it's not to hard to guess what will be the cover story of next week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. That's right, ZONErs, the new "Star Trek" movie will get the EW main feature treatment. The issue hits newsstands this Friday and will contain exclusive set visit photos.

I'm a huge fan of the original "Star Trek" in whatever form, tv series, cartoon or movie. I never gave any of the other incarnations of "Star Trek" more than a occasional glance. I am looking forward to the new movie though. It'll be interesting to see if the magic can be recaptured. Perhaps the Entertainment Weekly cover story will give us a hint.


Anonymous said...

Craig, I'm in about the same boat as you. I really only cared for the original cast with the shows and movies they did. I never really got into any of the other series.

I'm looking forward to the film, because I think these characters are really interesting and would like to see them continue on even if it's not with the original actors who always be the greatest.

I didn't really care for that cover though.


Anonymous said...

I've liked all the Star Trek tv shows to varying degrees, but I agree that the original series crew is the best. I liked all the movies except for Nemesis.

They seem to have done a pretty good job of making Chris Pine look like a young Kirk. Hopefully he has more than the looks, though.


Anonymous said...


No pics of Nimoy though... And the bridge, are they kidding us? It looks even more modern than the TNG one.

richardo tubbs

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they need to release some pictures of the real Spock. Not sure about the bridge yet. I'm just glad the uniforms look so good. I think the bridge still looks slightly retro, but it's definitely very different from the original. I'll need to see more of it to be sure.