Monday, October 13, 2008

Enter the War Zone

I'm not expecting a classic, but "Punisher: War Zone" continues to look better and better. There's a new clip at the official web site. You can get there from here.


Rafael Kayanan said...

Thanks for the link Craig - I like the website graphics and some of the effects. The Punisher would be dead though if that was a real thing - a bullet can go through doors - perhaps it would have been cool if he just stabbed through the door to get the bad guy. Plus, the Punisher doesn't need to look down to make a mag change - gotta love the movies.

Craig Zablo said...

You're welcome, Raf. It would have been cool if he'd have gone through the door with the knife. More realistic, but I bet some fans would have said it was too over the top! LOL!