Friday, August 08, 2008

Vote for a New Hero

If you're a fan of Heroes, then you might want to participate in Sprint and NBC's Create Your Hero” contest. Using attributes based on previous fan voting, the show's creators developed two new potential “Heroes.” Now it's time to vote for either Audrey, or Santiago. The winning character will appear as the subject of a brand new live action web series written by the creators of Heroes, debuting around the November sweeps week.

So who's it gonna be? Audrey or Santiago?


Joseph Lee said...

Cool info! Totally excited for the series return this fall. Last season's short run was a bit blahhhh. Hopefully they'll bring it!

Anonymous said...


stas (who's partial for the ladies;)

Anonymous said...

Audrey. Can't get enough of all the hot ladies they have in Heroes!!!!

Rocky Maniac