Friday, August 08, 2008

Two Dollar Sly

You read the cartoon right. DJ Coffman will draw anything for two bucks. TWO BUCKS... twenty dimes... 200 pennies...anything... ANYTHING! Well... almost anything, that is. He had to draw the line at "R" rated content. Can you imagine some of the requests that must have been pouring in before he put into place the "R" restriction? Yuck!

The way it works is you type in your e-mail request and then paypal DJ the two bucks. He then drops your request in line and you wait your turn. It's funny seeing not only what people request, but how DJ handles them. Some of my favorites include: Kwip Triumphant; Jurassic Park Meets Iron Man; Dr. Horrible Performing Singing in the Rain; Three Ronnie Gardockis; Dean Martin Ogling Bettie Page and Tura Satana; and A Silverfish. The most clever is Tiny URL. Yeah, I ordered one. You should too.

One bit of warning if you plan to head over and cruise through the drawings: not all are in good taste and not all are appropraite for all ages!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that is a great idea. I'm just sorry I never thought of it. Although I am not a professional artist and most likely nobody would want me to draw them anything anyway, haha.

That is quite a workload he is putting on himself though, not sure how long someone could keep that up for, not sure it's really worth the money he is getting? Maybe he should have charged a bit more, say $5 per piece.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Dean Martin Ogling... :D



Anonymous said...

So cool !


Anonymous said...


al bundy's socks

Anonymous said...

that's awsome. I'm going to order one.

bears fan