Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Joe Ain't the Pitts

The Pitch: Updated Raymond Chandler meets Stephen King.

The Overview: Vampyres live among us. The world doesn’t know that they exist, but they do. They can’t turn into bats or mist. Crosses don’t kill them; in fact bullets don’t either... usually. They’re strong; they’re fast and victims of a vyrus. Most are members of one of the many clans... safety in numbers and all that. Word is that a clan war is brewing, and that’s the least of Joe Pitt’s problems.

The Good: Charlie Huston can write. Joe Pitt’s attitude [which is bad]. Stretch the midget vampyre. What Joe is willing to risk for Evie. The attack at the side show.

The Bad: The vampyre freaks. The side show. The beating Joe takes.

The Ugly: Joe Pitt’s vengeance.

The Summary: Half the Blood of Brooklyn is an excellent example of why Charlie Huston is one of my favorite writers. He’s created a world of vampyres that could exist outside my window NOW. The only caveat is that the books are best read in order: Already Dead; No Dominion; Half the Blood of Brooklyn.

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Anonymous said...

I actually thought this was going to be about Brad Pitts movie Meet Joe Black, LOL! Which actually wasn't that bad a movie...the ending sucked though IMO.