Friday, March 28, 2008

All-Time Best TV

Empire magazine has selected their 50 ALL-TIME Best TV SHOWS. Okay, I'll play using only shows on their list, below is my TOP TEN:

10. ER
09. Lost
08. The Sopranos
07. Frasier
06. The West Wing
05. Prison Break
04. 24
03. The Shield
02. Star Trek
01. Seinfeld

And, I'll ask again... "Where is The Wild, WIld West?


Anonymous said...

Well here's my top 5. I don't spend alot of time watching TV

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Prison Break
Full House
NFL Live


Craig Zablo said...

Sorry, but you have to use just the shows on the EMPIRE list!

Anonymous said...

The West Wing would be number one for me. The first four seasons are just phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

1. The Office
2. The Sopranos
3. Seinfeld
4. The Wire
5. The Simpsons


Anonymous said...

Top 5 Shows on the Empire-list:
1. The Simpsons
2. 24
3. Family Guy
4. Prison Break
5. Scrubs


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed they had Spaced in their top 10 (An American list wouldn't even acknowledge that show probably)...that show is brilliant. Don't really agree with their top 10 though, aside from the last 2. I mean Buffy, Friends, Lost in a top 10 of all time? Give me a break!

Using Empires list these are my top 10 of all time:

1. Seinfeld
2. X-Files
3. Frasier
4. Star Trek
5. Curb Your Enthusiasm
6. The Office (American Version)
7. Scrubs
8. Spaced
9. Arrested Development
10. The Simpsons