Sunday, November 18, 2007

UFC 78 Results

Let's take a look at the results of last night's UFC 78 matches.

Michael Bisping vs. Rashad Evans was the main event. Evans scored a split decision victory to remain undefeated. Both Chris and I picked Evans to win [although Chris thought it would be by a 2nd round TKO and I felt it would be by decision... still Chris and I are 1-0 with our picks].

Thiago Silva vs. Houston Alexander - both Chris and I went with Alexander. Chris thought it would be a quick KO and he was right. Unfortunately, it was Alexander who was KOd making Chris and I 1-1 with our predictions.

We had the fight as David Terrell vs. Ed Herman, but it ended up being Joe Doerksen losing to Herman so our predictions are out the window.

Chris predicted Ryo Chonan to upset Karo Parisyan. That didn't happen. Parisyan won by unanimous decision. So I'm 2-1 and Chris drops to 1-2 with our predictions.

Frank Edgar defeated Spencer Fisher by unanimous decision. Chris took Fisher making him 1-3 while I went with Edgar leaving me 3-1. If only we'd made a bet...

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