Friday, November 16, 2007

UFC 78 Predictions

UFC 78 takes place on Saturday. Let's take a look at who's fighting and who I and our guest commentator, my son Chris aka Coach Shooter pick...

Michael Bisping vs. Rashad Evans is the headline fight pitting two undefeated fighters [and winners of the Ultimate Fighter title]. Coach Shooter takes Evans in a 2nd round TKO. I'm going with Evans as well, but I think it'll be a decision... if it ends early it could be Bisping getting the W.

Thiago Silva vs. Houston Alexander - both Coach Shooter and I are going with Alexander. Coach Shooter says that it'll be a quick KO within the first two minutes.

David Terrell vs. Ed Herman: Coach Shooter and I differ on this one. He thinks Herman will win a bloody decision, but I see it going for Terrell.

Ryo Chonan vs. Karo Parisyan. In what I think could be the most exciting fight of the night, Coach Shooter is predicting an upset win for Chonan. I'll stick with Parisyan winning by submission.

Frank Edgar vs. Spencer Fisher. Spenser "the King" Fisher will get his crown knocked off according to Coach Shooter. I'm not so sure. Okay, to make it interesting, I'll go with Edgar.

Tune in Sunday to see who wins the fights and the predictions!


Anonymous said...

I think Evans will win the match, to me bisping lost his last fight to hamil, I heard tito wants to fight the winner of this match, Houston Alexander should keep his winning streak, and Karo should win as well as Spencer


Anonymous said...

I think Evans will smash him....

I got a slight feeling Houston Alexander might be exposed on not having a ground game. BUT if he smashed this guy like he did the other... WOW watch the hype begin ;)

* They should have had rematches for this UFC Card.
I'd rather see Evans vs Tito 2
Bisping vs Hamil 2

Hamil clearly won the fight! That was the first fight I have seen in UFC that felt like a fixed "Don King" type event.


Craig Zablo said...

I agree with both of you that Hammil should have one the fight!

Anonymous said...

Bisping is stuck up to me hope evans does smash him


Anonymous said...

To me very boring ppv event regret purchasing the event, all the fights were pretty much a nap time event, evans ran out of gas, shocked to see houston lose but he got exposed and knocked out,

Evans Wins by score card
Houson got knocked out silly
Karo won by score card as well


Anonymous said...

Yeah this should have been a SPIKE TV free ppv.