Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Really Good... Really, Really Good or Not?

If The Mist is as good as the Stephen King story, it'll be really good. If it's as good as writer/director Frank Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption it'll be really, really good. After watching this latest trailer, I'm still not convinced of either.


The Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks good Craig...why don't you like the trailer?


Anonymous said...

another problem i have with it. . .

i REALLY love his work. He is WITHOUT A DOUBT, the most undermentioned director, EVER !

He's got a crystal clear clearity in vibrant colors in the oddest places "The Green Mile".

He made The Majestic (whom alot of people didn't care for that flick) look as colorful and alluring as the acclaimed colors in John Landis' Oscar. (with that other actor, forgot his name).

With the previews of The Mist i am shocked of how un clear (and not because of 'mist') the directing shots seem to be.

He would also be a terrific candidate to bring Poe to a near capture on the screen.


Anonymous said...

i have to see the movie first. was an ok trailer to me


Anonymous said...

is it a movie for cinema or as most of King's adaptations a TV movie ?

The trailer isn't so bad but doesn't look better than the other TV movies already made that weren't really good :-/

Lot of Sly

Craig Zablo said...

The creatures don't seem to work for me... so far.

Anonymous said...

We've gone from The Fog to a remake of The Fog and now The Mist. Next, it will be The Breeze.

Weak, sad.