Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Do You Know What Frank Miller Has?

Frank Miller has The Spirit. Yeah, man!


Christopher Mills said...

I'm afraid you and I part company on this one, pal.

Frankly, (no pun intended) everything I see or hear about this makes my teeth ache. I have to wonder just how stoned Miller was all that time he spent with Eisner, and wonder if he actually read any of the SPIRIT stories – or just looked at the pictures?

THE SPIRIT isn't SIN CITY. Aside from a liberal use of black ink, the two pieces couldn't be further apart in tone and story...

If nothing else, this will make the Steven De Souza/Sam Jones TV movie from the 80's look better.

Oh well. The original strip is still there on my bookshelf in nice hardcover volumes, and maybe someday someone will actually make an attempt to translate those wonderful, charming, smart stories to the screen with some integrity.

(God, I hope I'm wrong about this....)

Christopher Mills said...

By the way – I know this is the second time I've come on here and dissed Miller, but I want to be clear that I was – and am – a big fan of his older stuff.

DAREDEVIL, DARK KNIGHT, BATMAN YEAR ONE, even RONIN and SIN CITY. I just think he's either lost something of late or has become way too obsessed with "being Frank Miller" to actually make an effort to refine and improve his craft, come up with fresh ideas, or actually put some genuine thought into his work.

Either that, or he's just completely tapped out, creatively.

Craig Zablo said...


I can definitely understand your concern about Frank Miller "doing" The Spirit. Since I haven't read the script, I can't judge the story. I do know Miller has a great visual sense and should make it look great.

I doubt that the stories could be literally translated due to the Ebony character... although I thought Darwyn Cooke did a fine job with the recent comic series from DC.

Miller has let me down a few times recently, but I'll still put his original Dark Knight, Daredevil, Year One, Ronin and Sin City at the top of my all time favorite comics.

I'm hoping for the best with this one, Chris.

Anonymous said...

Very cool !

I forgot about this project. I love when movie sites offer updates like this. Shows passion...


Craig Zablo said...

Couldn't agree more Jazz!