Monday, October 08, 2007

Bonaduce's Lucky / Fairplay's Lucky

Great news for Danny Bonaduce; he won't be charged for dropping reality tv personality Johnny Fairplay on his face during a telecast of an awards show.

Fairplay, 33, whose real name is Jon Dalton, had filed a police report saying that Bonaduce came onto the stage uninvited, made a derogatory comment and then committed the battery on him when Fairplay attempted to "hug" Bonaduce with one of Fairplay's "signature moves".

Anyone who saw the video knows that while Bonaduce did go on stage and make a comment, he was walking off stage when Fairplay called out to him. The video also shows that Fairplay's "signature" move/hug involved him jumping uninvited into Bonaduce's arms, straddling his legs around Bonaduce's body and then humping him at the chest/face level. Fairplay's lucky that he was simply thrown off.

Of course Bonaduce is lucky that no charges are being brought forward... because even if he would have been found "not guilty" it would still have cost him a good bit of money for lawyer's fees and other expenses.

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