Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bonaduce vs Fairplay

Danny Bonaduce is facing felony criminal charges and a lawsuit after dropping reality tv "star" Johnny Fairplay on his face last night on FOX's Reality Channel Really Awards show. While some sites [like HERE and HERE] seem to be coming down on the side of Johnny Fairplay, after watching THE VIDEO, I don't really blame Bonaduce for throwing Fairplay off of him.

I'm a fan of neither Bonaduce nor Fairplay so I have no horse in this race. After watching THIS VIDEO it is pretty clear that Bonaduce was walking away, that Fairplay jumped on to Bonaduce and then began gyrating and that Bonaduce simply threw him off.

My guess is that it'll probably cost Bonaduce some money either to make the lawsuit go away or to hire attorneys to fight it. Odds are even greater that both of these "celebs" will use the incident to grab a few more minutes of fame.


Chad said...

Hi, nice blog. I like the way it is set up and the method of reply is really cool.

Anyway. I can't agree with you that fairplay got what he deserved. I assume that's what you mean by "can't really blame Bonaduce".

Like you I don't care for either of the guys. I think they are both losers and neither of them would be welcome in my home around my family.

That said; I look at it from both a moral and legal point of view. On the moral side, both are nutjobs with very few moral values, and none were evident in either that night.

Bonaduce started it though. He initiated it verbally. Have you EVER seen a fight that didn't start out with words? I'm sure I don't need to quote it, you heard what he said. It obviously wasn't nice. Again, I should state, I DO NOT LIKE EITHER OF THEM. Fairplay's response was to call to Bonaduce. I might add it was from a fair distance away. Subsequently it's not some full on charge at Bonaduce without warning, Fairplay kinda prances/hops over to him and jumps up on him.

I'm not defending Fairplay's response. I guess I am in a way. I think it was a STUPID response, but I don't think there is any reason to believe it was a malicious response, or that harm to Bonaduce was meant by it. In Fairplays' stupid mind he was saying "you may hate me, but I love you".

This is where I'd suggest you go look at the video again. Because I'm going to suggest to you that Bonaduce's comments about the incident LATER are very much proven to be LIES by the video.

If you watch the video with an open mind you will see that nothing in Fairplay's demeanor suggested he intended harm towards Bonaduce.

Bonaduce describes it as an assault. You can find and KNOW that he absolutely did NOT react as though he was being assaulted by looking at the video really close. As Bonaduce describes it Fairplay charged him, jumped on him and was holding him around the waist with his legs. NOT TRUE. Look at the video. Fairplay's legs are not supporting him upon Bonaduce at all. Bonaduce also claims Fairplay was "throttling"(choking) him. Again, look at the video, not true.

Most devestating to Bonaduce's case (now I'm getting into the legal part), look what IS supporting Fairplay up on Bonaduce. It isn't Fairplays legs. It isn't fairplays arms or legs. It is BONADUCE HIMSELF. Bonaduce has hold of Fairplay under his arms, he HIMSELF is holding Fairplay there. Then vaults him over his head.

While I agree with ANYBODY that says that what Fairplay did is stupid, gay, or a host of other insults. The LAW is going to say it was NOT ASSAULT OR BATTERY. I have to agree.

Now to what Bonaduce did. Did he have a right to get Fairplay off of him? I say emphatically yes. Obviously so. But there is another legal concept, which I happen to agree with that talks about REASONABLE FORCE.

Zablo, if you walked up and started tickling me I have a right to slap your hand away and tell you to stop. I do not have a right to grab your head and slam it into a brick wall because I don't like being tickled.

Again I'm not defending ANYTHING Fairplay did. I consider both of these guys morons. However (and now we get to "the humping" part), Bonaduce has ZERO defense (and will lose the criminal case AND the lawsuit I predict) for his behavior. That is why he is LYING about what happened. He has been advised that his best line of defense is to pretend he believed he was being attacked.

Unfortunately for Bonaduce, and we'll all see I guess when it goes to trial, the pivotal part of the video IS going to be the FACT that "the humping" began AFTER Bonaduce was in FACT at that point supporting Fairplay with HIS arms.

Watch the video one more time dude. Fairplay is NOT holding himself up on bonaduce, Bonaduce is holding him there.

They are both guilty of being stupid, but one commited an act of stupidity, the other commited a crime.

Craig Zablo said...


I appreciate your thoughtful response. Still, I'll stand by my initial reaction, I don't blame Bonaduce for throwing him off.

You say that the incident began with Bonaduce's words. I agree. However Fairplay was the first to escalate it to contact. Bonaduce's words didn't warrant that. Any unwanted physical contact is battery. Fairplay jumping onto Bonaduce was unwanted physical contact.

We both agree that Bonaduce had the right to get Fairplay off him -- which he did. You say that it was unreasonable force. I'm not so sure. Had Bonaduce slammed his head into a wall [your example] I would agree. That's not what he did -- he threw him off. It's unfortunate how Fairplay landed but I don't believe that Bonaduce's intent was to harm him and there's no evidence to support an intent to harm. Once Fairplay was off Bonaduce didn't hit or kick him, he simply walked away.

You talk about Bonaduce lying in his response to the charges. If you read the what Fairplay told the police, you'd agree that he didn't accurately describe what happened. So both men have there versions... and neither is totally accurate with what we saw.

I guess the bottom line is that no criminal charges were filed. Hopefully both of these guys learned a lesson.