Monday, May 14, 2007

Survivor: My Dilemma

Last night's Survivor episode made Earl a millionaire, Dreamz a villain, and Yau-Man a hero. It's interesting that up until the finale, I hadn't really heard anyone talking about this season's Survivor. Sure, it was interesting watching Yau make just the right move at just the right time. Still, the season lacked anyone that you could REALLY root for or against.

Until last night that is. When Dreamz broke his promise to give Yau the immunity necklace, he sealed their fate and handed the million dollar prize to Earl. Yau was voted off the island. That left Dreamz [who everyone now cast in the role of Judas], Cassandra [who had no athletic or survival abilities other than laying low] and Earl [who everybody liked]. In fact, a poll of the jury proved that had Dreamz kept his word, Yau would have won the vote against Earl.

So... I've been struggling with my thoughts on Dreamz's decision to break his word. First left me say that I don't believe Dreamz when he says that his plan was to always keep the immunity if he won it. Dreamz struggled with his decision. In fact there were tears running down his face when he said he was keeping the immunity necklace. Had it been his plan all along to keep the immunity, he wouldn't have struggled with his decision. I believe that Dreamz had meant to give the immunity to Yau, but the chance at being one of three to win a million dollars was just too much.

So... here's my dilemma: knowing that it's a game where the idea is to outwit, outlast and outplay your opponents... was it wrong for Dreamz to keep the immunity? On one hand, I say, "Of course not. That's the nature of the game. People do it all the time." On the other mitt, I say, "But Dreamz promised to God on his children. Doesn't that take it a step deeper? Also Dreamz accepted a $60,000+ truck. Doesn't that make it a deal? Didn't these things make it more than just a promise made in a game??"

I'm not really sure how I feel other than to say:
  • 1] Yau-Man played the game better than any other player from any other season.

  • 2] If Yau couldn't win, I'm glad Earl did.

  • 3] I wish Dreamz had kept his word.

    4] I think that Dreamz is being untruthful when he says that he never planned to keep his deal... greed to hold of him.

    5] I think if you "promise to God on your children" you'd better stick to your word... even if you're playing a game.
Am I wrong?


Anonymous said...

You have a lot of good points.

What a story DreamZ could've had if he had actually kept his word. He talked about sitting by Oprah and feeling powerful. Hmmm... sure kicked that opportunity by being dishonest.

Anonymous said...

"Your Grandmother just died...."

And so Johnny Fairplay set the mark for using all the options.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast...the end!


Anonymous said...
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The James said...

Totally agree with you man. Yau rocked, but I knew Dreamz...who never told the truth to anyone, and was an idiotic scumbag from the beginning, wouldn't keep it. I knew it. Cassandra should have been taken out earlier...I hate leeches that do nothing.

Craig Zablo said...

I wasn't sure if Dreamz would keep the deal or not... I do know what Beatty would do though! LOL!

Craig Zablo said...

Josh - yeah, Dreamz killed any hope of using Survivor as being a role model to his kids...