Sunday, May 13, 2007

Survivor Finale

The season finale of “Survivor Fiji” is on tonight. We're down to:
  • Kenward “Boo” Burns, 34, a construction worker from Lafayette, La. who has won the last two immunity challenges. Boo should be the next to go if he doesn't win immunity
  • Yau-Man Chan, 54, a computer engineer from Martinez, Calif. who has had the best strategies so far into the game. Yau-Man has become a fan favorite [as well as the one I hope wins it all] due to his kind heart, strategic planning and cunning moves
  • Earl Cole, 35, ad exec from Santa Monica, Calif. is Yau-Man's strongest alliance. Will Earl be as loyal as Yau?
  • Cassandra Franklin, 42, civil engineer manager from Los Angeles has been flying under the radar. She is the least athletic, and has gone far because she isn't a threat. She could be the biggest threat to Yau-Man because she [on the sly] provides Dreamz the support he needs
  • Andre “Dreamz” Herd, 25, cheerleading coach from Wilmington, N.C. Talk about a waffler. Dreamz switches alliances so often, he even has a hard time keeping track of what he's said to who.

I'm pulling for Yau-Man to win it all. If not Yau, then Earl or Boo. Cassandra and Dreams are just lucky to be around this late in the game.

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