Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Rifleman

From time to time I enjoy surfing YouTube to see what gems I can find from my childhood. Today I present the opening to The Rifleman. Over 40 years later and it's still cool.

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Wild Bill Black said...

Hey that's too kool you have Big Chuck Connors, THE RIFLEMAN, up on your site! That WAS one of the coolest TV show openings. RM is on Plex every Wed and on Westerns Channel every day. Another really great opening was COLT .45. Chris Colt rides into town at full gallop, fast dismount, off camera a bad guy calls him out, Chris whirls, draws and fires right into the camera... with every shot a letter from the title appears on screen until it spells out "COLT .45." One of my favorites!

Right now I'm compiling a series of 1950's-early 1960's TV DETECTIVE shows, 4 per disc. Including RICHARD DIAMOND (David Janssen), PHILLIP MARLOWE (Phil Carey), MARKHAM (Ray Milland), TIGHTROPE (Mike Conners - super cool show!), STACATTO (John Cassavetes), SHANNON (George Nader), MR. LUCKY (John Vivian), MIKE HAMMER (Darren McGavin) and HAWIIAN EYE (Anthony Eisley). Hope to have Vol. 1 (with the first 4) out in June.