Saturday, May 26, 2007

Raf @ Heroes

I just found out earlier this week that my buddy, Rafael Kayanan, will be a guest at this year's Heroes Con. I first met Raf about 30 years ago! He was just a kid wanting break in comics. Since then he's gone on a successful career in both the comic and film industry.

Raf's not only an extremely talented artist [as in creating artwork], but also a highly accomplished martial artist [as in can kick some butt]. In the comic field he's worked on everything from Conan to Star Wars. In the film industry he's done everything from storyboards and conceptual art to serving as technical adviser and fight choreographer on major films. You just know he's got some great stories.

Raf will be at a table next to Big John Beatty. You just know that this is going to be THE place to be. Hope to see you there!

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