Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bad Blood Leaves bad Taste

I'm a big fan of the UFC. I never miss The Ultimate Fighter. I seldom miss Ultimate Fight Nights, Inside the UFC, or UFC special events. Heck, I even can be drawn out of the house to attend the pay-per-views! In other words, UFC programming seldom disappoints. I would have said never disappoints, but I recently watched "Bad Blood: Dana White vs Tito Ortiz."

If you're a fan of the sport then you probably know that Dana White [co-owner of the UFC] and Tito Ortiz [one of the top fighters in the UFC] used to be good friends. This was before White took over the UFC and still acted as Tito's manager. After that they had a terrible falling out and became bitter enemies.

So they decided that they'd end their feud in the ring. White used to box and Tito challenged him to a three round boxing match. The thing ended up taking on a life of it's own. White had to have the bout sanctioned and fans were clammoring to see it.

The thing of it is, the fight never took place. For all of the hoopola, Tito decided two days before the event not to fight. He probably figured it was a no win situation for him. If he beat up Dana White, it would have been expected and he could come off as a bully. If he lost or even looked bad though, it could hurt his reputation as a fighter. So he bowed out.

Did that stop the UFC and SPIKE TV from hyping the event? No. In fact the show is airing several times. So let me save you an hour of your life: If you tune in expecting to see Dana White vs Tito Ortiz, you won't. You'll see a big build-up and a lot of hype but ultimately no pay-off. So my advice is to skip it and instead tune in to one of the other UFC shows, at least they have never disappointed!

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Chad said...

Thanks for the heads up on this, Craig. I can't believe that, man.