Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Big Beatty's Bailout

We've been hearing a lot of talk about bailouts lately. [Lord knows I could use one. Bet you could too.] Barack Obama is proposing a bailout. So is President Bush. The problem with both of their proposals is that politics gets in the way, slows things down and gums up the works.

That's why I'm happy to say that the third fellow pictured above is proposing a different kind of bailout. His name is John Beatty and he's proposing a Christmas Bailout that is guranteed to help those the bailout is for [namely John and his family] PLUS it offers something back to those doing the bailing [Namely a sweet comission at a really decent price AS WELL AS a free sketchbook should your piece be included]. You can read the full details here.

Man, if only our country's economic woes could be solved so quickly and with everyone coming out a winnah!


John Beatty Art said...

You know I don't like "bailouts" but mine's a winner. No game playing.

Also, a slight correction...EVERYONE who has ordered a commission from me this year will receive a free sketchbook, for only the cost of shipping...not only the one's I'm using!

Craig Zablo said...

Wow, Big J! THAT makes the deal even sweeter!