Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Couture vs Lesnar

This Saturday at 10pm UFC 91 will air on pay-per-view with one of the most highly anticipated mixed martial arts fights of all time. Randy Couture puts his heavyweight title on the line against Brock Lesnar. Both men are accomplished athletes with extensive wrestling skills. Couture is the more experienced octagon fighter, but he will give away over a decade and about 50 pounds. Lesnar is younger, faster, bigger and stronger, but doesn't have anywhere near the experience of Couture.

This is a tough one to call. I'd love to see Couture pull out a win -- it would be the capper to a great career. Although, if Couture beats Lesnar, he'd probably come back for at least another fight or two. Couture has a nearly perfect win streak every time he has gone into a fight as an underdog -- and he is the dog in this fight. Most folks just don't see how Couture can overcome Lesnar's size, strength and punches from fists the size of cinder blocks. Of course if everyone could see how Couture was going to win, he wouldn't be the underdog.

I look forward to reading Raf's predictions for the fight. As for me, I'm going to pull for Couture.


Anonymous said...

if couture can stay away from getting hit from brock like herring did and stay out of brock's arm when on the ground i think he has a chance if he got brock back he chances are even better


Craig Zablo said...

Who can argue with the great Bartledoo?

Rafael Kayanan said...

Couture has to focus on submissions when on the ground, keep Brock from being the one who dictates the pace. Keep him trying to escape the submissions. However, that's not how Couture fights. Standing up, either keep moving away from Lesnar's forward pressure and whittle away at Brock's endurance. Otherwise, if Brock gets the early takedown or stuns Couture early, it will be a short night. IF Couture can win, this is the time in Lesnar's career to do so before he gains more experience under his belt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Craig.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I want Courture to win this fight. Lesner is to thingyy for me.


Anonymous said...

Would love to see Lesner win, but after 2 UFC fights (3 MMA fights) how is he supposed to beat one of the all time greats??

Also Prince, Lesner is almost the same size now as he was when he was in the WWE. Its not a fair assumption to say he was on steroids back then. He is a farm boy who lifts heavy weights and consumes large amounts of food!!


Anonymous said...

My money is on lesnar. been waiting forever and the fight is finally just a few days away. dana white has a blog all week over at the ufc page on youtube.