Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tales of the Starlight Drive-In

It's no secret that I love drive-in theaters... and comic books. So does Mike San Giacomo. Mike is a writer who took his passion for drive-ins and comics and created a pretty cool concept for a graphic novel. Mike wrote "26 illustrated stories and six text stories set in a drive-in theater." The stories take place over a 53-year period. Each story had to accomplish three things:
  1. It had to be able to stand alone, make perfect sense even if nothing else was read.
  2. Each stand-alone story must still advance the overarching storyline of the graphic novel as a whole.
  3. Each story had to somehow relate to the movie that is playing at the drive-in at the time.
How cool an idea is that? Very cool, I say!

Here's a link to the website for Tales of the Starlight Drive-In. Here are links to Newsarama's three part series [Part One; Part Two; Part III] covering Mike's trips to historic drive-ins to promote his graphic novel. And here's a link in case you want to order a copy of Tales of the Starlight Drive-In for yourself!

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