Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Shield: Predictions Please!

Next Tuesday, FX will air the final episode of "The Shield." I'm proud to say that I've been a fan of the show since episode one of the first season. I'm equally proud to say that I've turned on several friends and family members it as well. If you're a fan of the show, I'd love to hear how you think it will end. There's been a lot of speculation among devotees of the show. Some of the more interesting predictions include:
  • Mackey will get away clean. [I really don't see this happening.]

  • Mackey will die. [I tend to think not.] He will be killed by Ronnie. [Wouldn't that be a twist? Mackey killed Terry Crawley because he was going to "rat out" the Strike Team and that's exactly what Mackey did to Ronnie.] He will be killed by Dutch. [I'm not convinced Dutch will live -- see below.] He will be killed by Shane. [Nah.] He will be killed by Mora. [Nah.] He will be killed by Corrine or Cassidy. [I just don't see it.] He will be killed by Armenians. [That could happen if they discover that Mackey sold them out to the Feds.]

  • Dutch will be killed by the serial killer kid. [Boy, they sure are foreshadowing it. It would be shocking to see Dutch as he lays dying come to the realization that the kid had outsmarted him. I like Dutch though and hope that he doesn't kick the bucket.]

  • Shane will be killed by Mackey. [Possible and at one point I really wanted to see that... not so much now though.] He will be killed by Ronnie. [Very possible.] He will turn himself in for a deal to spare Mara. [Another possibility.]

  • Claudette will die. [If watching Mackey get immunity didn't kill her, I don't think that she'll just drop dead now -- but you never know.] Claudette will lose it and kill Mackey. [Boy, that would go against everything she has stood for since the show started... so I don't think so.]

  • Ronnie will go to jail because of Mackey's confession. [Possible.] Ronnie will run. [More likely -- and then he may be caught and go to jail or be killed.]

  • Cassidy will be captured and raped/tortured or killed when the Aremenians find out that Mackey double-crossed them. [Boy, wouldn't that be a twist? Mackey becomes the cause of his daughter's ruined life. THAT would be worse than prison.]

  • Corrine will be killed by Mackey when he learns that she ratted him out and in turn he ratted out Ronnie to save her from a non-existent charge. [I don't see Mackey killing any of his family members.]
I think that Mackey will survive but be forced to live with the fact that the events that he put into motion caused him to lose his job and his family. There's an outside shot that Mackey will die, but I hope that he goes out with some dignity if it happens. I think things look grim for Shane and his family. Mora may survive, but I think Shane is going to die. Ronnie will have to run to survive and I'm not convinced he'll make it. Dutch may be in a serial killer's crosshairs and it would be shocking for him to become a victim. I hope he is smarter than that. Claudette has been the moral compass of the show, but I've got a bad feeling in regard to her character. I think we may discover that Shane killed the female cop in order to get away. Dani should end up alright. Same for Billings and Julian. I'm not so sure about Aceveda.

So let's hear your predictions! Then we'll come back next week and see who came closest to getting it right.


Anonymous said...

First off, I want to say what a wild and enjoyable ride The Shield was. Ok, fist I beleive dutch will become the victim of the psycho killer kid. Also, Acevada will be killed by the cartel. The deal with the cartel will go down as vic has planned but after that I can't tell part of me thinks Vic will get away with it, however he will loose all he loves and values. The other part of me thinks that Vic and Ronnie will go down togeather in a Butch Cassidy and sundace type of shootout, it just to close to call vic and Ronnies future. Shane will die, either kills himself of get killed Mira turns herself in.

Anonymous said...

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