Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lesnar Wins Title

I just got home from watching UFC 91. It was a fun night with most fights turning out as predicted. Kenny Florian won by rear naked choke in the first round over Joe Stevenson. The fight that everyone was waiting for was, of course, Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture for the Heavyweight title. Couture was the fan favorite although Vegas odds preferred Lesnar.

I expected Lesnar to bum rush Couture from the opening bell. I was wrong. Lesnar displayed great respect for Couture and tried to stand with him. When Lesnar did take Couture down, he wasn't able to hold him there. The round ended with Lesnar ahead, but Couture seemed to be gaining momentum. The second round saw more of the same when suddenly Couture went down from a short shot to the temple. Lesnar followed him to the ground and began raining hammerfists. Although Couture wasn't out, he clearly wasn't able to stop the barrage and the ref stepped in to stop it. Lesnar showed more class in this victory than his last. He thanked the fans, Randy Couture and the man upstairs. It'll be interesting to see what lies in the future for both of these fighters.


Anonymous said...

you say that couture showed more class in this victory than his last.i dont know what fight you were watchin but lesnar won and couture has always been respectful lol


Craig Zablo said...


Whatever are you talking about??

Okay, I'll fess up. It was after 1am and I was beat. Thanks for catching the mistake. It's now corrected!

Rafael Kayanan said...


Couture should have fought him two fights back... looks like Brock has already progressed considerably. Someone should have told Couture not to duck at the waist but bend at the knees - he ducked right into the shot that sent him down. Randy still had a very good shot at winning this if he had kept moving in a circle as his corner advised him to between rounds. Brock had some nice short hammerfists - these were the same style shots that BJ Penn used against Sherk and more efficient at that range and angle.

Craig Zablo said...


I saw a picture of Couture's face after the fight -- although those hammerfists didn't look that hard, they did some major damage. I guess when you hands are the size of concrete blocks, a soft punch still packs a whallop!

I believe that if Couture could have gotten Brock down -- which he almost did -- he could have passed his guard.

Brock is so big and strong it's unreal. His fights are going to be exciting...

Anonymous said...

Not shocked at all. I watched the fight and even had money on lesnar. Glad to see him win and look forward to his fight against nogueira (nog will most certainly beat mir). Couture is 45 afterall and was starting to show his age. Who knows where he goes from here.