Monday, August 25, 2008

Vin Diesel Speaks

Vin Diesel has a new movie, "Babylon, A.D." opening Friday. The reaction to what we've seen of it so far, at least from most ZONErs has been mixed. I'm actually looking forward to "Babylon, A.D." with midlevel expectations.

Even if you're not interested in
"Babylon, A.D.", you still might want to check out this Vin Diesel interview at Diesel talks about the "Fast and the Furious" pre-se/quel that brings back the orginal cast [Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Paul Walker], his dream project "Hannibal" and "Dark Athena" which is the third in the Riddick trilogy. According to Diesel, writer/director David Twohy is working on the script now. I love the Riddick character and would love to see him in a new adventure.


Anonymous said...

From the looks of the trailer Craig, I wasn't crazy about it. It doesn't appear to be anything new in this action flick. However, I am interested in other projects of his. I'd like to see him do some more serious work as I've mentioned before, I think he can act.

However, I will not completely put down "Bayblon A.D." until I see it but I don't think I'll rush to the theatre to see it.


Anonymous said...

Dark Athena is the new Ridd*ck game from the people that brought us Butcher Bay. I can't wait for it since I loved the first game, but it's not the movie.

I'm glad to hear Twohy is working on the next Ridd*ck movie. The next one would be Journey to Underverse, and the third would be a Return to Furia movie in which we examine Ridd*ck's origins. These next two movies would probably return to the lower budget R-rated origins of the franchise. It would hopefully be more like Pitch Black. The director's cut of the second movie is awesome, but I really hope they make them more like Pitch Black.


Craig Zablo said...

I really hope they make them more like Pitch Black.

I totally agree!