Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rushing to a Very Dark Place

James Hibberd, a senior reporter for The Hollywood Reporter, posted a spoiler-free review of the first eight episodes of The Shield's final season. at his blog.

Here are a few snippets that really stood out for me:

  • viewers exactly what they want.
  • Some old faces return to tie up loose ends...
  • ... the highly effective premiere...
  • ...Vic Mackey immediately seeking retribution against his longtime partner Shane Vendrell.
  • ...the Strike Team devolving into a cannibalistic game of survival.
  • ...hugely suspenseful...
  • ...leaves viewers impatient for each new episode.
  • ...Mackey... his every move to save himself only sucking him further down.
  • On “The Shield,” we are rushing to a very dark place.
  • ... "The Shield" has returned to demonstrate how serialized television is done.
You can read Hibberd's entire piece here.

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