Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dirty Money - Clean Fun

The Pitch: The Getaway meets Parker.

The Overview: Dirty Money is part of a trilogy that started with Nobody Runs Forever and Ask The Parrot. Written by Richard Stark [aka Donald Westlake] and featuring his creation, the hard case thief known simply as Parker who is trying to recover over 2 million in stolen loot that he had to abandon when the cops began to close in. The area is still buzzing with cops… there’s a bounty hunter getting closer and closer… oh, and did I mention that one of his partners has turned on him?

The Good: Stark‘s Parker is such a cool, iconic character. The novel never feels like I’m reading fiction.

The Bad: Waking up to find a former partner holding a gun on you.

The Ugly: What happens when you try to cross Parker.

The Summary: If you’re a fan of Richard Stark's Parker series, you’ve probably already read Dirty Money. If you’re new to the character, you can jump right in with any of the books. Although the last three have been written as a trilogy, they also work as stand alone novels.

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