Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bernie Mac: RIP

It has just been reported that comedian Bernie Mac has died. He had been in the hospital for treatment of pneumonia. His publicist, Danica Smith in her confirmation of his death "ask(ed) that his family's privacy continue(s) to be respected." Bernie Mac's death is shocking enough, but as recently as yesterday there were reports saying that he was responding well to treatment and would be released from the hospital before too long.

I first discovered Bernie Mac from his standup routines. He was funny and had a great personality. His standup led to work in dozens of movies and "The Bernie Mac Show" which ran for five years. He was currently in post production on a new tv show, "Starting Under" and had finished work on two movies set for release later this year and in 2009.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends and fans.


Anonymous said...

How sad. Just heard about him being in hospital this morning while surfing the web - now he's gone. So young... :(

RIP Bernie Mac.


Anonymous said...

OMG thats terrible. My thoughts go to his friends, family and fans. Very sad news.


Anonymous said...

That's terrible. He was such a funny guy. It's a real pity. R.I.P.

Rocky Maniac

Anonymous said...

that sucha shame he was pretty young. he was soo funny in guess who. he will be missed.

Alex Balboa

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, Bernie!


Anonymous said...

This is shocking, horrible news. May Bernie rest in peace. :(


Anonymous said...

OMG I love this actor .. this is very a sad news .. may Bernie rest in peace


Anonymous said...

He was a very funny guy :(, R.I.P.

Iron Horse

Anonymous said...
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