Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now That's the Spirit?

I'm a Frank Miller fan, but I'm not sure I'm diggin' what he's doing with Will Eisner's The Spirit. I can only imagine what Chris Mills will say when he sees Miller's latest Spirit trailer.


Christopher Mills said...

What will Chris Mills say?

I have never used this phrase before in my life, but "this looks like ass."

So... Eisner's mysterious (and never-seen) criminal mastermind, The Octopus, is now a Nazi pimp?

To paraphrase the webcomic Shortpacked:

"Frank Miller's doing The Spirit? But The Spirit's not about whores?"

"Correction: it wasn't about whores...."

Craig Zablo said...

Yeah, I just KNEW that you wouldn't care for it, Chris. I don't think that many folks who are really into Eisner will like it. I'm now starting to wonder if the average joe will like it.

Thanks for checking in, boss!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the trailer has been removed. Anyways, I like what I see so far, but I don't know anything about the source material. I hope they are faithful to it.


Craig Zablo said...

Just as well it was removed as it was a mess.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I ought to just skip it then. I got a good impression from the teaser trailer with the Untouchables theme, so I'll just keep that good vibe until I see the movie itself.


Anonymous said...

Trailer is here for those that missed it:


It looks very stylistic, very sexy, and very cool. Hard to say how it will turn out in the end. I don't know if it's a good thing but I let out a chuckle when Sam Jackson first showed up in the trailer. It's like he came out of some other movie and ended up in this one, he just seemed out of place? I will probably check it out though. I really enjoyed Sin City and 300.


Anonymous said...

If it's as good as Sin City, then I'd be pretty impressed. Your positive impression of the trailer has changed my mind. And now that I'm reminded that Sam Jackson is in this, I think I'll watch the trailer.