Sunday, July 13, 2008

McRae Rocks Your Baby

We've been talking about it for three days, so here is, George McCrae's Rock Your Baby.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what's better...that !

or, this ?

i nominate this song for Beatty and Bella's honeymoon get down after the midnite ramble.


Craig Zablo said...

Oh, Rock Your Baby is MUCH better. If you're going with Hot Chocolate, then you need to cue up You Sexy Thing. LOL!

Anonymous said...

it's so funny.

a friend , my kids and myself went it to PH in vegas...the one in cesars...and as we are eating and under Sly's nude demolition man in an ice puk...this song up above played.

later, we heard it at CIRCUS CIRCUS, which is surprising cuz "you sexy thing" was they're biggest hit.

by the time we were in the elevator going up to THE STATOSPHERE's restuarant...some guys phone is ringing it a day later.

we could NOT get away from that song.