Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Get the Digital Plague

The Pitch: “D.O.A” meets Avery Cates with the world in the balance.

The Overview: In Jeff Somers' sequel to The Electric Church, Avery Cates is kidnapped and injected with nanobots that infect and slowly kill anyone near him. First it's his friends who begin to get sick and die. Then people who have come into contact with his friends. Cates must find someone with a cure and then figure out why he was chosen to be the source of the outbreak. If he can do those two things, there's a good chance he can save himself and the world. If he can't, he'll die trying... and either way, he plans to kill a lot of people.

The Good: Jeff Somers' writing. Avery Cates. The opening line: "I was going to have to kill a whole lot of people." The story moves. Happling and Hense. The twists. How zombies are worked into the story and the explanation for them. The reason behind Cates being selected for the source of the plague. Jae Lee is back with a cover illustration.

The Bad: What happens to those infected with the nanobots. What Avery Cates is put through.

The Ugly: What happens to city populations as the plague runs rampant.

The Summary: I predicted that The Electric Church would make my list of Best Books of 2008. I liked the The Digital Plague even better!

I can't wait to see what Jeff Somers has in store for Avery Cates in his next adventure, The Eternal Prison. In the mean time, I have Jeff Somers ' blog to tide me over.


The Truth said...

Nice review. I'm looking forward to TDP.

Craig Zablo said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Can't wait to read your review of TDP.