Thursday, July 17, 2008

24 Season 7 Preview

C.T.U. is gone. The nation is under attack. Jack Bauer is on his own... but not until January! Arrgh! Here is a trailer for 24 season 7 to give us a taste. How about you check it out and then I'll give you my thoughts?

Ok. Thanks for swinging back. Yeah, I agree the plot seems right out of the last Die Hard movie. I know, I know, bringing back Tony Almeida from the dead may be pushing it. But, this is 24 and I'm willing to go with it. They've never let me down in the past... well, except for maybe with the cougar trap stuff...


Anonymous said...

:) Thx for posting!
This looked cool, and different 8-)
Jack Bauer is the most bad ass ever to hit TV everyone bow before Bauer ;D


Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty cool to see him in Africa. We've never really seen Jack in the middle of this kind of warzone.


Anonymous said...

Yeah it doesnt seem like 24 because its set in Africa, seems like something different but absoloutly cannot wait for this! I have waited too long, and most people here know how hard it is to wait so long to watch another 24. Yayyy cant wait!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting it Big Z 8-)
Looking forward to the movie :D


Anonymous said...

Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I've already seen this one, but thanks for posting. This movie is looking fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Neat poster! Thanks for posting,Craig.


Anonymous said...

Generic poster, hope the film isn't generic as well. Casino Royale was such a great movie, it'd be a shame if this let it down.


Anonymous said...

love the POSTER! thanx 4 sharing craig

Anonymous said...

Teaser preview is pretty good


Anonymous said...

Thanks 8-)