Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hellboy II Excitement

As we get closer to July 11th, I get more excited about Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Yeah, sometimes I'm like a little kid.


Anonymous said...

" Yeah, sometimes I'm like a little kid. "

And that's why we love ya, Z.

I get the feeling Hellboy II will be one of the biggest treats this summer.


Anonymous said...

I got the first film on blu-ray, cant wait for the second one...


Anonymous said...

A lot of people say this summer has been great so far. But I say the summer hasn't begun yet, it starts July 11th!

Okay, a lot of people will disagree with that, but for me there really hasn't been much so far that really got me going.

Iron Man - Didn't even bother
Hulk - Wasn't descent, not amazing
The Happening - Trying to forget I even saw it
Love Guru - Never will bother
Zohan - See Above
Sex in the City - I'm not a woman or gay, so again see above.
Wanted - Haven't seen, but doesn't really interest me
Wall.E - Looks like a cute animated film, might see it.
Indiana Jones - First half was enjoyable, second half was a mess.

So why am I hearing everywhere it's been pretty much a great summer so far? Am I missing something? To me it's been pretty mediocre. I think the last few summers have been, with a few gems of course.

I think it will really change with Hellboy II, and Darknight, and probably end with Darknight as well (what's going to top that?).

I'll probably really enjoy the X-Files, but it's not going to be a blockbuster like TDK or Iron Man, or even Hellboy etc.

Or maybe I'm just more of a late fall kind of season guy, when the Oscar competition films come out?


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for this film. I loved the first one. It was a nice surprise. This can only be better in my opinion.