Friday, June 20, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

Yesterday I posted about Dana White tossing Jesse Taylor out of The Ultimate Fighter finals because Jesse got drunk, kicked out a limo window and bothered patrons in an LA hotel. I went on to say that Jesse's behavior was deplorable, but "Dana had no problems with Jesse and other fighters' drunken antics on the show. In fact getting wasted and destroying the UFC house has become one of the cliches of the series. They not only give the drunken destruction plenty of air time, but even make the antics part of the promos." I concluded by saying, "if I was Dana White, I think I'd reconsider my tolerance for the drunken destruction that is encouraged at the house."

Guess what Ken Iole, who covers the MMA for Yahoo Sports posted today?

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thanx craig!,thanx to all my fellow soldieRS.