Thursday, May 15, 2008

What 'Cha Watching?

I just read today that "Back to You" the FOX comedy starring Kelsey Grammer was cancelled. My guess is that most of you never caught an episode since low ratings killed it. I thought it was one of the funniest shows on and was surprised to find that it wouldn't be brought back. It was really well written with an ensemble cast that meshed. I guess I should have posted about "Back to You" when it might have helped.

I was happy to see that "Boston Legal" and "Medium" have both been given the greenlight for new seasons. I've yet to see an episode of either show that let me down. "Til Death" is another show that I don't miss. I can't recommend it as unconditionally as "Boston Legal" or "Medium" but it does have it's moments.

Of course my wife and I still watch "Survivor" [yeah, I think I WILL GIVE UP THE IMMUNITY NECKLACE!] and "American Idol" [which David will win? -- my guess is Archuleta]. I'm still in front of the set each week when "The Ultimate Fighter" airs, but I think this season lacks a bit of the drama. Maybe it's because they have two fights each episode and we don't get to know enough about the fighters' backgrounds. My newest favorite show is "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" which comes to us from the FOOD NETWORK. And you just know that I still dvr episodes of "The Wild, Wild West" off of RTN.

So, what am I missing?


Anonymous said...

I watch LOST(faithful LOST fanatic), Supernatural(incredibly good show), Battlestar Galactica(although sometimes I dislike it), House MD(last episode was fantastic), and Stargate Atlantis(starts again in July). I didn't like season 6 of 24, but I'll probably watch season 7.

I also watch anything with Jeff Corwin, Survivorman, and Man vs. Wild.

That's what I watch on tv today. Not necessarily my favorite tv shows ever, but that's what I watch that's on today.

Craig Zablo said...

I still watch Lost, but have the last 4 episodes recorded and waiting to be seen...

Anonymous said...

I watch pretty much little to no television these days. Also if there is a show that interests me, I will just wait to buy it on dvd when it's out.

A few sitcoms that I like are The Office, Scrubs, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, I also enjoyed Arrested Development.

I've got the first 3 seasons of House & Boston Legal on DVD but have yet to get around to watching them.

Oh, and Craig I did watch Back to I'm a huge Grammer fan and loved Frasier. It was a descent comedy but I guess it just never found it audience. I really thought it would get at least to 2 seasons though.

Good thing for tv shows on dvd as I can watch some of my old favorites anytime.

ie. Seinfeld, Spaced, Big Train, X-Files, Magnum P.I., Northern Exposure, and the ones I listed above.


Craig Zablo said...

I haven't really got into TV series on DVD. I do have the first season of "The Shield" and the run of "Over There"... oh yeah, I won the run of "Tilt" but never have gotten around to watching it.

I'd love to have a bunch of series just for the convenience of being able to watch ANY episode at ANY time. Maybe when I hit the lottery. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Battlestar Galactica is pure class all the way, it reminds me of NYPD Blue in space


Anonymous said...

lost is so off the charts good! love the office as home town Scranton!