Saturday, April 12, 2008

Street Kings

There are currently three movies at the local multiplex that I want to see: "Street Kings," "The Ruins," and "Diary of the Dead."

Today, "Street Kings" won out mainly due to the outstanding folks behind it. The screenplay was created by James [novelist and screenwriter - do I really need to list credits for him?] Elroy, Kurt ["Equilibrium" "The Recruit"] Wimmer, and Jamie Moss. It stars: Keanu ["Matrix"] Reeves, Forest ["The Shield"] Whitaker, Hugh ["House"] Laurie, Chris ["Fantastic Four"] Evans, Cedric "The Entertainer," Jay ["Suicide Kings"] Mohr, Terry ["Harsh Times"] Crews, Naomi ["28 Days Later"] Harris, and Amaury ["Prison Break"] Nolasco. It was directed by David ["Harsh Times"] Ayer.

The Pitch: "The Shield" meets "Training Day." Keanu plays a bad cop falsely accused of killing his old partner who had been talking to internal affairs. His team has a cover-up in place, but Keanu wants to find the killers... no matter the cost to him or the team. Soon no one can be trusted.

The Good: * The story. The action from the opening scenes to the end. * The cast. Chris Evans, Naomi Harris and Cedric the Entertainer need special mention as they made the scenes they were in even better. I was worried that Cedric would be out of place in a serious movie, but he made his character work. * The Tension: The scene in the apartment especially -- "I am your nightmare." The scene in the car when Keanu works the handcuffs and the two scenes that follow -- not your typical turn of events. * The ending [as surprising and as bold as the ending of "The Mist."]

The Bad: everyone.

The Ugly: the two gangbangers after being dug up.

Summary: Although not a classic, "Street Kings" will definitely find a home in my dvd collection. If you're looking for action in the "Training Day" vein, then "Street Kings" is for you.


Anonymous said...

Craig, I saw Street Kings last night and really thought it was very good. I did enjoy it a lot. On the other hand I did see THE RUINS last week and thought it was interesting in the first half of it but then it just turned out to be an OK film. Not really my type or not a movie I want to see again. But I do recommend STREET KINGS a lot.


Craig Zablo said...

Glad you enjoyed Street Kings! Thanks for the post.