Wednesday, April 16, 2008

20 of the Toughest

The List Universe posts their Top 20 Classic Tough Guys. Okay, I’ll play using just the guys on their list, here is how I’d rate them:

  1. Lee Marvin
  2. Charles Bronson
  3. Clint Eastwood
  4. Sean Connery
  5. John Wayne
  6. Kirk Douglas
  7. Robert Mitchum
  8. Charlton Heston
  9. Burt Lancaster
  10. Robert Ryan
  11. James Coburn
  12. Anthony Quinn
  13. Yul Brynner
  14. Humphrey Bogart
  15. Steve McQueen
  16. John Garfield
  17. Richard Widmark
  18. Dana Andrews
  19. James Cagney
  20. Edward G. Robinson


craig wilson said...

I dunno, man....I think Mitchum could grab Clint by the legs and use him to beat Marvin to death if he wasn't to drunk!

Where's Sly in this? I mean, Yul Brenner? Edward G. Robinson?!

Craig Zablo said...

Yeah, Mitchum was a tough guy no doubt. I left Sly off the list since he wasn't listed in the original link. Yul was pretty tough at times, but Edward G??

Anonymous said...

Now that's a d**n good list no matter how you order it. Great selection. Don't know how I'd order it, but I'm just glad to see all those guys included.