Sunday, March 02, 2008

UFC and the Best Fighter

If Anderson Silva isn't the best pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC, then maybe Jon Fitch is. Yeah, I know. I'll explain in a minute, but first let's take a look at last night's UFC highlights.

The main event had Anderson Silva going up against former PRIDE and two time Olympic wrestler, Dan Henderson. Henderson dropped 20 pounds to take on Silva, who has totally dominated his division. To Henderson's credit, he won the first round. Silva came on strong to win by submission in the second after scoring on big knees and punches. I don't see anyone out there who can beat Silva at this point. Unless he decides to go up a weight class [and why would he], he could be in for a long title run.

The upset of the night was Heath Herring over Cheick Kongo. Nobody expected [well, outside of Herring] the fight to go all three rounds or for Herring to win. The guys I watch the fights with usually bet a buck on each match. Someone is usually willing to take the underdog since it's just a buck and once in a while you can even get 2-1 if you take the dog. Last night NO ONE wanted Herring. I ended up taking him on a 2-1 bet where I won if he lasted through the first round [Whoooo-hooo, I won 2 bucks] and a 5-1 bet for a win [Yipppeee-ki-yaaa, five more came into the till]. Herring won a split decision and actually looked better than ever doing it.

Jon Fitch won a tough match against Chris Wilson and extended his winning streak in the UFC to 8. Believe it or not, that ties the longest winning streak ever in the UFC, putting Fitch in the same strata as Royce Gracie. Who'd a thunk it? Ask anyone who the best UFC fighter is and you'll hear: Anderson Silva, George St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, Rampage Jackson, Randy Couture, and many others before you'd hear Fitch's name called out. Well, Jon Fitch needs to be in there because if he wins his next fight he owns the record.


Rafael Kayanan said...

Kongo's win over Crocop did not convince me of his superiority in that weight class. He won that fight after throwing some vicious knees below the belt in succession and one for good measure after the ref tried to stop him. That takes a lot of a fighter, especially one coming back from a devastating ko like Crocop was. Herring seemed to have gotten his act together. Time will tell how much Heath will push himself to keep evolving.

Silva is in a class all by himself at this point.

Craig Zablo said...

Did you hear that Silva may box Roy Jones Jr. in a legitimate boxing match?