Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Lot Can Happen OVERNIGHT

"Overnight" is a documentary that covers the rapid rise and fall of Troy Duffy, who in 1997 scored a million dollar deal to direct his screenplay, "The Boondock Saints" for Harvey Weinstein's Miramax pictures. Duffy's story was the stuff of legend. He was a bartender and part time musician who had written a screenplay that was getting lots of notice. When the dust settled Duffy was given over a million dollar deal that included his band getting to do the soundtrack for "The Boondock Saints," Duffy getting to direct WITH FINAL CUT and the bar that Duffy worked at purchased for him.

Most people in this position would count their blessings and hope that they could live up to the hype. Not Duffy. It was amazing to hear him talk down to his friends and family. To hear Duffy tell it, his talent was going to take them all to the top. He thought nothing of making sure that his mother knew that HE was right and his brother would have to listen to him now. Duffy made sure that everyone in his band understood that he was in charge and thanks to him they would be able to make a living with their music. He was ego gone mad... burning bridges and destroying friendships. And before too long Duffy alienated the man who made it all possible, Harvey Weinstein.

Soon the movie deal was dead in the water... same with the soundtrack. To Duffy's credit, he regrouped and found some backers to finance "The Boondock Saints" which he directed [at a greatly reduced rate]. And his band did get an album produced. It sold 690 copies... TOTAL.
"The Boondock Saints" was made but when Weinstein and Miramax passed on it, so did every other company in Hollywood.

"The Boondock Saints"
was never given wide theatrical release and eventually made it's way to cable tv and video. Where a funny thing happened... it's popularity began to build. Word of mouth spread and it became even more popular. Unfortunately the deal that Duffy agreed to in order to get the film made did not provide him any compensation for video or dvd. Duffy's advance from Miramax was long gone as was his payment for "The Boondock Saints." To this day he's never gotten another project made.

Just as quickly as his star had risen, it fell... "Overnight."


Anonymous said...

The guy sounds like a maniac, but I gotta say I thought Boondock Saints was awesome. He deserves some credit for it anyways.


Craig Zablo said...

Crowmagnuman, you're exactly right. He was just so insulting that he killed all of his connections. You know it's bad when people in Hollywood walk away when there is potential money to be made.

Craig Zablo said...
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