Friday, February 15, 2008

Kimbo vs Tank

Kimbo Slice fights Tank Abbott tomorrow night on Showtime.

Kimbo is a youtube legend thanks to his quick knockouts of big and mostly tough [but unskilled] backyard fighters. Kimbo has had one official MMA fight which lasted all of 19 seconds. He had [what is now being called] an exhibition fight where he chocked out Ray Mercer [an old boxer] in less than one minute.

Tank Abbott fought in MMA fights back when the Earth was just starting to cool. Less rules and less skills needed then. Tank would come out swinging and if you weren't knocked out and could last until Tank gassed [which usually didn't take too long] odds were you could beat him. Still, Tank was popular with the fans. Much more popular than his 9-13 record would lead you to believe. Tank's had 6 fights in the last 5 years [losing five of them and none going past the first round].

Looking at their records and who they've fought it's hard to imagine Kimbo vs Abbott as a main event. But I gotta admit that I'd tune in if I had Showtime.


Anonymous said...

Should be a slugfest


Anonymous said...

I want Kimbo to get his ass kicked!

Iron Horse

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to boxing myself but KIMBO is hilarious to watch. You gotta give it to the man, he knows how to fight. He just doesn't go in there and swing wild. He picks his shots and has a sturdy stance as he whales away. That beard is pretty hilarious as well.


Anonymous said...

Boy I wouldnt wanna fight against kimbo.