Saturday, February 09, 2008

Citizen Soldier

I don't know how old the song is, but I saw this video playing before a movie a couple of months ago and it stuck with me. Well done video and song.


Anonymous said...

To avoid any controversy let me preface this by saying God bless our troops. I mean no disrespect and don't want this to turn into a political debate.

Propaganda at its best (or worst). I tend to have problems with these promotional videos that reel young kids in by romanticizing the military, especially in a time like this. I could do without it or any other commercials in movie theaters.


Anonymous said...

Good call. Propoganda is exactly what it is. The military just brainwashes you. Maybe decade or two ago I'd do my duty, but it's just ridiculous how far they go to dehumanize you now. Of course it makes you a better killer, but you lose your identity in the process. You become property, and that's it.


Craig Zablo said...

There's no doubt that it's being used as a recruiting tool. And it is a good one. But let's not forget that any medium that has a message is a sort of propaganda.

On a side note, notice how many times in this election a songwriter or performer has asked a candidate to NOT play their songs at their political rallies because they don't agree with the candidates positions. Interesting that the song can be seen as a rallying cry for such diverse points of view!

Good responses ZONErs!

Anonymous said...

Nice video. I saw this a bunch of times on the big screen.