Sunday, February 17, 2008

Abbott Tanks

Kimbo Slice knocked out Tank Abbott last night in about 43 seconds of the very first round. You can see the fight on Youtube for free. I don't think that anyone was surprised by the outcome. Not even Tank.

It probably would have ended sooner, but the ref pulled Kimbo off Tank after Kimbo repeatedly punched Tank in the back of the head after the first knockdown. The ref walked Kimbo to the other side of the cage and allowed Tank to stand up and regain some composure. Then when the ref started to allow them to fight again, Kimbo's mouthpiece was found in the center of the ring and the ref once again held up the action. Kimbo threw his mouthpiece into the crowd and the fight was again started. Three more quick knockdowns followed and the fight was stopped.

So what did this fight prove? Not much. Maybe two things: 1] Kimbo can put fans in the seats. The 7,000 seat arena was sold out and the place went crazy when Kimbo entered. 2] When Rick Flair retires from professional wrestling Tank Abbott can take his place because he definitely has Flair's patented "front fall" down pat.

Until Kimbo fights a ranked fighter, we're really not going to know how good he is or how good he can be. My guess is that Ken Shamrock [as old as he is] would have given him a much better fight. I'd really like to see
Kimbo enter the cage with Brock Lesner. I'd even pay money to see that.


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