Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Doomsday: Drive-In Appropriate

The trailer for "Doomsday" makes it look like a riff on "Escape From New York" and I loved "Escape From New York." I don't think that I'll love "Doomsday." It's more like one of the movies that I'd go to see at the drive-in where it would be playing with a couple of other movies. Many times none of 'em would be well worth seeing except as part of a triple bill.

Man, I miss those days.


Chad said...

She's missing the eyepatch for sure! And the vehicle they drive into the city reminds me of the old "Damnation Alley" mobile tank if my memory serves. I say Rubbish! I want my Snake Plissken!.....Ahhh, who am I kiddin'? I'll go see it.

Craig Zablo said...

Chad, you made me laugh... you silly man!