Sunday, December 02, 2007

Comic Artists and Professional Wrestlers

Next Sunday, December 9th, my buddy John Beatty will be one of the guests at the Epic Comic Con in Orlando, Florida. He'll be there along with a bunch of comic book artists, professional wrestlers as well as a couple of actors and authors. Talk about an interesting mix!

John will be sketching and signing autographs. I'll be there hanging out as well. If you're in the area, plan to drop on by!


John Beatty said...'re sure you've got this show all cleared in your sched?

You're not going to poop out like you did on Mallow are you?

Chad said...

Craig pooped out on Mallow? How disgustipatin'!

Jesse "Cadre" Hansen said...

You know I'll be there!!! See ya'll there!

John Beatty said...

See you there, Jesse!

Drive down sometime Chad! Would be fun to share some 'smelt' with you again! :)


Chad said...

I try to make the trip down once or twice a year. Maybe I can coordinate the trip with one of the smaller cons in the area next year. I'm kickin' myself that I missed Herb Trimpe at the last collector's con.

Craig Zablo said...

Chad, what Beatty was saying was I couldn't make the trip... not... well, what you were thinking.

Chad said...

Ohhhhhhhhh.....! Sorry. But it's kinda too late. I already have the visual.