Monday, November 05, 2007

Iron Man Goes International

The more I see of the Iron Man movie the more I think I'm really gonna dig it. The international trailer is short but, oh so sweet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Craig! Looks AWESOME!!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome !!

Wish this came out my house.


Anonymous said...

Looks cool...


Anonymous said...

looks ok, i hope is not another HULK


Anonymous said...

delicious. . .

i think Ghostrider/Daredevil director is attached...maybe not.

either way. . .i am in.

i don't think (other than not enjoying the X-men series like i wanted to. . .i like them..just not as much) i don't think i've ever not liked a MARVEL hero brought to screen film.

ah...actually...i was really dissapointed in THE PUNSIHER with Thomas Jane.

The end fire scene reminded me of the original awesome Crow scene , and DAREDEVIL scene with the name being lit up.

plus the action scenes were not as delivering in the it's beggining.

SPIDERMAN (being the best)
DAREDEVIL(though i wished for a better suit, and someone other than Ben) ultimately...these are my fave marvel to screen films.

surprised that people didn't care for HULK. I thought Ang Lee's direction with the comic like cut out's in scenes SEPERATED it from so many others. Haven't really seen films do that except for mid 80's CREEPSHOW movies.


Craig Zablo said...

We may have a winnah!

Anonymous said...

To me, it looks like that :-/ :'(

Iron Man was one of my fav superhero when I was kid so I'll go to see it. I hope it won't be a big deception (the trailer is a very big one)

Lot of Sly