Saturday, November 03, 2007

Get Scalped with No Risk

I've been a fan of Scalped by Jason Aaron [writer] and R.M. Guera [artist] since issue one. In fact I like the series so much I've purchased both the individual comics and the trade paperbacks [Indian Country and Casino Boogie] as they become available.

Scalped is a crime comic set in the "world of gambling, gunfights, G-men, Dawg Soldiers, massacres, meth labs, trashy sex, fry bread, Indian pride..." And everyone is diggin' it. Brian K. Vaughan [Y: The Last Man, tv's "Lost"] calls it, "the best crime book you're not reading." Garth Ennis [Preacher, The Punisher] calls it the "best new series in years." Playboy, Wizard, Entertainment Weekly and many others have all praised the series.

So what are you waiting for? A money back guarantee? Click HERE and you've got one!

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