Monday, November 12, 2007

7 Deadly Wonders

Reading books written by Mathew Reilly is like watching an all-out action movie while riding a rollercoaster. His books are bigger than life, move at breakneck speed, keep you turning the pages -- and just when you then there is no way out for the hero, Reilly kicks it up a notch and comes up with another over the top set piece as the story hurtles forward.


Reilly's books are fun and his latest 7 Deadly Wonders is no exception. A rare solar event called the Tartarus Rotation is set to occur shortly. Several teams are racing to gather 7 pieces of a capstone hidden around the world. If they can recover and join the pieces in time for the Tartarus Rotation they will be given power such as the world has never before seen. There's a team from the United States, a team from England and a team of multi-national adventurers. [We'll be pulling for the multi-national team not because they're outgunned and out manned, but because they're the good guys.]

And that's all you really need to know. If you're in the mood for an adrenaline-charged roller coaster ride that'll make you put down the video game paddles and keep turning pages, then give Mathew Reilly's 7 Deadly Sins a try.

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